Remarkable Rain

Remarkable Rain NaturExplorers Study from Shining Dawn BooksQuiet and peaceful, or wild and raging – rain comes in many forms.  This NaturExplorers unit sets out to examine rain in all its beauty, observe its effects and make you look forward to the next rainy day!

Remarkable Rain will encourage you to observe the details of an approaching rain system through such things as the five senses and art journaling.  You’ll actually get outside in the rain (when the weather is safe) to examine, experiment and make notes about a variety of topics including erosion, run-off, plant and animal behaviors and much more!  And, you’ll get outside soon after the rain for many more activities such as photography, soil discoveries, and witnessing the water cycle to name just a few.

Inside, continue your discoveries through hands-on experiments and demonstrations that will help you understand more about the hows and whys of rain.  As usual, we’ve also included several art ideas.  In the Hands-On and Writing & Research sections, learn about the water cycle, weather fronts, erosion, pollution, storms, rainbows, plant and animal adaptations, rain forests, deserts  – the list goes on and on.  Eighteen notebooking pages are included, too!

No matter the season, rain is a sight to behold.  We should embrace those gray, dingy days and turn them into praises to God for His life-giving supply of rain!

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67 pages, e-book


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“So it has been raining a lot here lately. Fortunately, I came across this awesome unit study by Shining Dawn Books entitled Remarkable Rain.   There are so many activities in the book. We will be busy for months. Seriously.” ~Jessica, Powers Taiwan Chatter