Spectacular Spiders

Spectacular Spiders NaturExplorers Study from Shining Dawn BooksSpiders really aren’t as scary as many people think! In fact, after visiting with them on a nature walk a few times, you’re likely to find an exciting interest in their behavior and beauty.  You’ll probably be surprised to find out just how useful and important these little critters are, too!

Spectacular Spiders helps you get to the truth of the matter about spiders. Outdoors, you’ll watch them in action, compare their webs, locate their body parts, try to find their hiding places and complete experiments, among many other things.

Indoors, you can choose such things as building a 3-D model, setting up a spider terrarium, or making a spider glider. You might decide to learn about how spiders spin silk, how they are different from insects, or what is meant by “invertebrate”.  Ideas abound for these little eight-legged wonders through spring, summer and fall!

Seventeen colorful notebooking pages add to the pick-up-and-go aspect of this (as well as any other) NaturExplorers unit.  Even if you have a touch of arachnophobia, don’t be afraid to make spiders a nature study priority. And just in case you’re wondering, you won’t have to touch them if you really don’t want to!

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gif_sparrow-1“Once upon a time, we wandered around with nature notebooks trying to capture nature study.  Eventually, we gave up because we lacked focus. Our story changed when we started NaturExplorers this year. Each unit we’ve used has had a happy ending.”  Read more of Ami Brainerd’s review at Walking by the Way.